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Santa Lucia Castel del Monte 0,618 Riserva 2006


86 in stock

  • Size (Litre) : 0.75
  • Great Value ! Only 500 bts produced. Only produced in the exceptional vintages. Complex wine. Must try !


86 in stock

From our own cru Castigliola. Maturation 18 months in French oak barrels (capacity 228 litres), finishing in the bottle for 6 years (8 years in total), this time magically and naturally tames the potent tannins of the Nero di Troia’s grapes leading to the expression of the elegant impetuosity of our land. Castel del Monte DOC Riserva 0,618 represents the best our Estate has to offer. This signature wine is the synthesis of the superb quality of the Nero di Troia’s grapes and the love of our land and its history. The number 0,618 represents “the Golden Mean”, a famous numerical sequence used by many ancient cultures developed by Fibonacci, a mathematician from Pisa born in the XII century. Only 500 bottles will be produced each year. The number 8 is an homage to the most famous octagon construction in the world, Castel del Monte, in whose shadow our  Santa Lucia’s vineyard is produced following the enological “Golden Mean”.

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Santa Lucia