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Castellari Bergaglio Gavi “Pilin” DOCG Vertical 1996-2001 Selezione Riserva 1998


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  • Size(Litre) : 0.75


7 in stock

We called this wine “Pilin” in honour of my grandfather, as this was his nickname in Gavi. He handed down to my father and myself the desire to work towards making the best of our land through wine production. This is why we were proud to name our most challenging wine after him. The grapes for “Pilin” are selected from all the winery’s vineyards. With obsessive care and attention we select the best, healthiest and ripest bunches and place them in wooden trays where they partially dry for 30-40 days. This makes the wine suitable for vinification and ageing in barriques. Since we began making this wine in 1984, the quality has spoken for itself. The wine reaches its peak of quality three years after the harvest, and will last for many years. Cortese di Gavi is a very versatile varietal which can create both instantly drinkable wines, and more complex wines which become more pleasant over time. As applies to any wine, it all depends on the vineyards, the clones and the work done. This special selezione riserva case x 6 bottles of 1996 – 2001 vintages of Gavi “Pilin” reflects perfectly the work we have done thus far.




Castellari Bergaglio



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