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Castellari Bergaglio Gavi “Pilin” DOCG 13% alc (Released date March 2008) 2004


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59 in stock

With obsessive care and attention we select the best, healthiest and ripest bunches and place them in wooden trays where they partially dry for 30-40 days. This makes the wine suitable for vinification and ageing in barriques. Since we began making this wine in 1984, the quality has spoken for itself. After partial drying for 30-40 days in trays the grapes undergo light pressing to extract the best from the fruit and this is followed by separation of the first sediment, and fermentation. The fermenting must is transferred to barriques where it will complete its alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, and remains in barriques until the following September without further racking. Racking takes place after this process is complete, and light clarification also precedes cold-stabilizing and bottling. It will be placed on the market only two years later, when the wine has reached the proper level of maturity and balance. Appearing a bright golden yellow, Pilin 2004 opens with delicious mineral impressions and an emphatic note of pencil lead; a few moments of oxygen bring out a citrusy nuance that complements an intriguing hint of toasty oak. As one would expect of a noble white wine styled for ageing, the palate is full flavoured, enriched by a refined impression of dried nuts, particularly toasted hazelnut; it progresses well into compellingly warm, heady finish. Pilin is ideal when partnered with richly-flavoured or spicy dishes, such as risotto with saffron in a duck ragù, curry chicken, or blue cheeses. Pilin 2004 is an extraordinarily versatile wine, perfect at table but a delight as well when sipped meditatively all by itself.

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Castellari Bergaglio