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Cantina Terlan Terlan-Glass Precision


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  • Artisanal mouth-blown crystal wine glass designed by Cantina Terlan


20 in stock

Designed by Cantina Terlano

A taste of precision.

For some, it is simply a glass for drinking wine. For others it is an indispensably beautiful utensil for enjoyment. And there are also those who consider it a special vehicle to underscore the precision of a wine and guarantee ultimate pleasure. Ideally, the right glass makes it possible to experience a wine in all dimensions, to the eye, on the nose and on the palate. This is particularly evident in the case of complex, multi-layered wines. The team at Cantina Terlan spent a long time searching for exactly the right wine glass to showcase the precision and complexity of Terlano’s wines to perfection.


“Despite an intensive search and innumerable benchmark tastings, we simply couldn’t find a wine glass that left us completely convinced,” says Klaus Gasser by way of explanation for his team’s ideas of developing their own wine glass. The decision was reached a few years ago, after almost 80 different wine glasses from various manufacturers had failed to deliver a satisfactory result. The aim was to create a functional crystal glass for a wide range of wines from Cantina Terlano, which would bring out the aromas and unique style of Terlano and, above all, do justice to the more complex Selection wines.

This marked the beginning of collaboration with the highly competent glass manufacturer Cerva in the Czech Republic. A long development process with countless prototypes and numerous tastings with cellar master Rudi Kofler and his team resulted in a wine glass with a logic all of its own: the Terlano Precision glass, a glass whose name says it all, a glass that concentrates and extracts from the wine everything that defines Terlano wines: a fruit full of finesse, a precise and profound structure, and an incredible tension on the palate.


The mouth-blown crystal glass, with its remarkable filigree elegance, is impressive in terms of looks and feel alone. But the Terlano team was looking for more than that. To surpass the wine glasses already available, a high priority was to ensure that both the primary and secondary aromas of the more complex wines can be appreciated equally well and that the wine can express its full tension. The Terlano team had to explore various technical parameters themselves, and step by step they found that the size of the bowl and the shape of the rim of the wine glass play a key role in the wine tasting experience.

With the perfect bowl size of the Terlano Precision glass, the wine gets enough air for it to easily unfold and the concentration of aromas to fully develop. The mouth opening is not too narrow and not too wide, just right for a lively play of tension in the wine. Freshness, volume and concentration must receive equal expression. Another decisive factor for a good wine glass is the ideal fit to the mouth. This is determined by the angle of inclination at the rim of the bowl, an aspect that also received meticulous attention. This is important because an excessive inward angle causes the mouth to quickly tense; the wine does not flow ideally and often seems inharmonious as a result. “It is the balanced interplay of all these factors that ensures that our new Precision glass completely meets our requirements and – from the younger wines to the Selection series – ensures that the complexity of our wines can be experienced with maximum precision,” says a highly satisfied Cellar Master Rudi Kofler.  Cantina Terlano

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Cantina Terlan